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CPS Seedlings

Products and services


The dedicated, experienced and hands-on management team at CPS Seedlings takes care in every stage from seed to delivering transplant-ready seedlings to ensure the customer receives top quality timber and vegetable seedlings. The team is readily available to offer technical advice and a back-up service for the farmer. We use a secure information system to ensure customer information confidentiality.


CPS seedlings are delivered all over South Africa by our own reliable, satellite monitored fleet of trucks insuring that your seedlings are transported with care and delivered on time. There are holding nurseries conveniently situated for ease of collection of seedlings by our timber customers



Timber Seedlings

• Seedlings

All species and varieties of commercially planted timber are grown from the best

genetic seed available. Seedlings are grown to order to suit the customers planting

schedule, season, climate and soil type.

• Eucalyptus Clones

CPS Seedlings produce G x N, G x U and S x U clones which are developed in

conjunction with NCT and the CSIR.

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Vegetable Seedlings

CPS Seedlings currently produces 65 million vegetable seedlings per annum, having started in 1985, as well as having vegetable farmed ourselves, we are well equipped to be able to advise on the best varieties, farming techniques and marketing strategies.
In today’s economic climate and the literally thousands of varieties on offer, we understand the importance of the correct choice one needs to make in selecting a variety for your crop. CPS Seedlings works closely with all seed companies, ensuring only the best quality seed, is used and we pride ourselves in keeping up to date with the latest varieties, supplying the customer with an independent opinion on what would best suit your area, farm and selected market.

By only producing seedlings to order, we are not only able to give our customers the best quality seedlings, but also insure that, by following our very own certified management system, we are able to deliver consistently high quality seedlings on time, every time.

CPS Seedlings management team will assist you in putting together a highly effective and precise planting program that will give you a competitive edge.

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Seedling Protection

Disease Control

In order to minimize disease, hygiene is a high priority at CPS Seedlings. All trays, racks and crates are sterilized before they are used. The seedlings begin their life in sterile germination rooms. They are then grown on raised wire and post tables to avoid ground contamination. We also make use of carefully selected chemicals in our disease and pest control system.


Each seedling is traceable from seed purchase, through the growing process to delivery for easy identification of areas that need to be improved.


CPS seedlings are protected by more than 10 hectares of tunnels and shade netting. This provides protection from extreme environmental conditions of temperature and events such as hail. Many of our tunnels can be heated for a controlled winter environment.

Growing Medium and Vermiculite

Growing Medium

CPS Seedlings has developed an in-house recipe over the past 25 years, consisting of coir, vermiculite and specialist pre-enrichment fertilizers. This mix is especially formulated for growing seedlings


CPS Seedlings exfoliates it's own vermiculite, using specially designed equipment to reduce the dust levels, thereby improving the drainage in the finished medium.


We are agents for Nitrosol Liquid Fertilizer in KZN. We have used Nitrosol exclusively in our nursery environment for the past 20 years, therefore have enormous experience in it's use. Please contact us for advise on transplanting application.