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Welcome to CPS Seedlings

The leading supplier of vegetable and forestry seedlings, growing medium, vermiculite and nitrosol fertilizers


About us

The late Mark Chaning-Pearce started CPS SEEDLINGS in 1985 at Cato Ridge. It then moved to its present location in 1988. Mark’s son Julian joined the business in 1992 and Adrian in 1998. So what started as a small one-man business is now one of the largest and fastest growing commercial nurseries in  Kwa-Zulu Natal.  The family business's main  objective was to provide a personal service to customers related to their name of CPS; Care, Price, Standards.

Products and Services


The dedicated, experienced and hands-on management team at CPS Seedlings takes care in every stage from seed to delivering transplant-ready seedlings to ensure the customer receives top quality timber and vegetable seedlings. The team is readily available to offer technical advice and a back-up service for the farmer. We use a secure information system to ensure customer information confidentiality.






Our Vision

The vision of CPS SEEDLINGS is to expand, modernize and streamline our systems without losing the personal contact built up over the years, which we believe is one of our strongest points. We strive to set the standards, which others will try to follow



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